About NYC Snow Bus:

NYC Snow Bus is run by the same awesome crew that’s behind NYC Beach Bus. We have to admit that our love for the slopes rivals our love for the beach and the waves.

We give you the advantage of being able to relax, enjoy your trip, book lessons and/or rent gear at a low cost, instead of having to drive, stand in long lines for tickets and equipment, and worrying if you have the right gear. We go beyond just giving you a lift ticket and transportation. NYC Snow Bus is an all-inclusive, sourced adventures, no need to ask your friends to borrow anything, outdoors company.

Whether we’re hitting a mountain as close as 90 minutes from NYC, further upstate, or to Vermont in a rocking luxury coach bus, at NYC Snow Bus, we always strive to provide the ultimate winter experience, where we‘ll get you off the bus and on the slopes as fast as possible. We bring you to Mountain Creek , Hunter Mountain , Windham Mountain , Gore Mountain , Whiteface Mountain , Mountsnow , Killington , Stowe Mountain , Stratton Mountain . Our reps have traveled it all from Mont Tremblant and Loon to Lake Tahoe and the hidden gem in Morocco.

Need to rent additional items before you hit the slopes? We also got you covered. Need waterproof pants, jacket goggles, or gloves?  We got it. We do our best at providing everything you could possibly need.

Believe it or not, if you’re on the bus, you have something in common with everyone else who is on the bus; you all enjoy getting out of the city and doing something fun and exciting. This sport is more than just the slopes; it’s the people, the community, and the stories you get to tell your friends. Since we can’t stop and won’t stop, we bring everyone to the bar after the slopes to get drinks and continue with the good times.

We provide the fun; all you have to do is show up.

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